Wyoming State Budget

Shawn Johnson is proud to live in Wyoming, one of the most fiscally responsible states in the nation. He applauds the efforts made to keep our state’s debt low and our budget within reason. He is thrilled at the progress made already, with the state having the lowest debt out of any other in the nation and the per-person debt being the fourth lowest! However, Shawn still sees much room for improvement and wants to make sure Wyoming has the most financially stable future out of any other state and is committed to a financially healthy and common-sense state budget.

Shawn’s plan to create a stable budget comes from many different areas. First, he wants to make paying Wyoming’s current debt a statewide priority, so the interest payments of nearly 30 million dollars per year can be avoided. He also wants to make sure the federal government rightfully pays for the state lands they are holding and will demand a reevaluation of federal PILT payments to the state. In addition, Wyoming spends 20% of its budget on health care, and Shawn wants to repeal burdensome and outdated regulations and bans on practices such as telemedicine to help lower this tremendous cost to the state.