About Shawn

Shawn Johnson was born in Casper, Wyoming and lived there for the first twelve years of his life. At age 12, Shawn’s family moved to the Denver area for work, and it was here that he joined the Colorado National Guard as a junior in high school. Soon after joining,

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Your Voice

Wyoming State Budget

Shawn Johnson is proud to live in Wyoming, one of the most fiscally responsible states in the nation. He applauds the efforts made to keep our state’s debt low and our budget within reason. He is thrilled at the progress made already, with the state having the lowest debt out of any other in the nation and the per-person debt

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Criminal Justice Reform

As a Libertarian, Shawn Johnson believes in the dignity of each individual and the equal respect everyone is entitled to. He sees our current criminal justice system as a one that tramples on this principle. Shawn sees no purpose in incarcerating those who are mentally ill, suffer from addiction issues, or those who are poor and homeless.  These are individuals

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Shawn Johnson is committed to individual liberties and civil rights. He has seen too many liberties loosely interpreted and is committed to ensuring that the state views your rights as concrete, fixed principles. Due process and the right to bear arms go hand in hand and are constantly being threatened. Shawn will never support any legislation that limits your freedom.

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